“Sire, if the Tower of London ravens are lost, the Crown will fall and Britain with it!”

Six Ravens London Dry Gin and the Tower Ravens Legend

On 22 June 1675, King Charles II established the Royal Observatory at the Tower of London. Soon after, John Flamsteed, the Royal Astronomer, allegedly complained to the King that wild ravens were interfering with his celestial observations. Charles II, therefore, ordered their demise – only to be forewarned by the royal soothsayer, that if the ravens left the Tower the Empire would collapse. Terrified by the warning, Charles II decreed that at least six ravens have to be kept at the Tower at all times, to prevent calamity. From that day on the ravens were treated like royalty; waited on by servants, kept at public expense, and honoured in great splendor – always hoping that the raven prophecy will never turn true…

Six Ravens London Dry Gin is exclusively obtained from distilling selected botanicals, such as juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel and fresh ginger in accordance with the London Dry Gin tradition. It´s name has it´s origin in the legend of the Tower Ravens and is a appreciation of the British history and tradition. We wish you a tasteful experience with this legendary Gin!

The Six Ravens London Dry Gin Legend